1. the event of something being raised upward (Freq. 1)

an elevation of the temperature in the afternoon


a raising of the land resulting from volcanic activity

Syn: ↑elevation, ↑lift
Derivationally related forms: ↑raise, ↑lift (for: ↑lift), ↑elevate (for: ↑elevation)
Hypernyms: ↑rise, ↑rising, ↑ascent, ↑ascension
2. the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child
Syn: ↑rearing, ↑nurture
Derivationally related forms: ↑nurture (for: ↑nurture), ↑rear (for: ↑rearing), ↑raise
Hypernyms: ↑upbringing
3. helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

they debated whether nature or nurture was more important

Derivationally related forms: ↑rear (for: ↑rearing), ↑nurtural (for: ↑nurture), ↑nurture (for: ↑nurture), ↑foster (for: ↑fosterage), ↑foster (for: ↑fostering)
increasing in quantity or value (Freq. 2)

a cost-raising increase in the basic wage rate

Similar to: ↑increasing

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